Exercise 10:

Context-free description for {anbw1aw2w1,w2{a,b}    n=w2    w1w2aaa=0    w1=w1R}\{ a^nbw_1aw_2 \mid w_1,w_2\in\{a,b\}^*\;\wedge\;n=|w_2|\;\wedge\;|w_1w_2|_{aaa}=0\;\wedge\;w_1=w_1^R \}
Give a context-free description for the set of words of the form anbw1aw2a^nbw_1aw_2 such that w1,w2w_1,w_2 are constructed over the alphabet {a,b}\{a,b\}, the size of w2w_2 is nn, w1w2w_1w_2 has no occurrences of aaaaaa, and the reverse of w1w_1 is itself.
Authors: Guillem Godoy / Documentation:
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